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Skin Fast

It’s exactly what it sounds like; forgoing your entire beauty routine, or at least minimizing the use of your skincare products for anywhere from one day to seven days. This will help your skin become more reliant on itself to detox and fix its own problems. It’s an excellent skin rejuvenation treatment that will encourage the skin’s natural, self-regulating cycle. Also, the technique acts as a reset that helps restore the skin’s natural protective barrier, which can be compromised by over-nourishing, as well as normalizing natural oil secretion.

Considering how frequently new brands and new products are debuting, it’s easy to get caught up and want to try many products. So, a skin fast could be greatly beneficial for those with a full-fledged multiple-step routine and never seem to stop adding to it. Streamlining your skincare to only the products you need and selecting products that complement rather than overlap in function is essential for keeping the number of products you use to a minimum. As you finish your skin fast, you’ll be able to introduce back one product at a time, testing if it truly improves your radiance or is it just taking up your extra money and time. Those who suffer from skin sensitivity may benefit from an occasional fast as well, as it presents an opportunity for the skin to take a break from any active ingredients that could cause inflammation.

The recovery process isn’t always straightforward. It can take around a week for the skin to find a new balance, but if you still have breakouts or symptoms after that, it signifies you’re dependent on your products to keep your skin clear.

There are two approaches to carrying out a skin fast: either entirely abstaining from using any product or just forgoing the nighttime routine. In the first approach, you cease using all your skincare products for a total skin fast. There will be no cleansing, toning, or application of serums, hydrators, or moisturizers. The critical task, which can last anywhere from a few days to a full week, is to let your skin’s natural sebum handle all of the balancing and protecting. But keep in mind if you are not using sunscreen, you should not be exposed to the sun. The second approach to skin fasting would be to stop your nighttime routine but carry out your morning regimen, as usual; this will give your skin a chance to regenerate without the interference of any products at night while staying protected in the morning from external agents.

As with everything else in life, this approach might not suit everyone. People with dry skin are advised to keep using minimal products in order to maintain their skin’s radiance and prevent the formation of wrinkles. A healthy example would be starting the day with Youth & Age’s DERMAdoctor Wrinkle Revenge serum, facial cream, and eye balm intensely rich in Hyaluronic Acid while skin fasting through the night.

If you are curious to try this, always remember to listen to your skin!

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